Improve contact center quality & performance

Operation of VoiceAnalytics

Cloud-based speech analytics solution



Emotions (displeased, happy, uncertain, disappointed, neutral)
Keywords and phrases (protocol, products, critical words)
Speech style and quality markers (articulation, intonation, pitch, speed, together-speech etc.)
Productivity (speech, music and void times) in calls

Business benefits

VoiceAnalytics provides an exceptional return on investment (RoI).

Increase customer retention

Customers can start retention workflows by filtering out the most displeased customers. Immediate and efficient reactions to the displeased customers improve both customer retention (and by that reducing the churn) and quality of customer handling.

Reduce agent turnover

Increase loyalty and give better training of contact center operators by providing them transparent, objective feedbacks, rating, and coaching about their performance Use regular reports and automatic suggestions in order to keep them well-trained and maintain consistent quality management.

Reduce legal cases

Use keyword and emotion filters to locate threatening calls that probably end up in authority or legal case. Reduce the number of these harmful cases by calling back the customer and handle the situation in a proper way before it’s too late. This helps to maintain the reputation as well.

Objective, Automated coaching

Provide a transparent and objective track of each agent’s progress. Increase your operator’s training level and efficiency by using automated feedback on each key metrics (intonation, speed, dominance, music periods, speech volume, etc.) so agents can quickly realize what they can do to be more efficient.

Boost sales conversion

Increase sales conversion rates by analyzing successful and unsuccessful sales attempts. Reveal differences in speech style, keywords, use of the companies value propositions and in other meaningful metrics. The method can be applied to either direct outbound sales or to offers during inbound calls.

Improve call-handling efficiency

Reduce unnecessary music and idle times during call handling and analyze root causes of them. Decrease average call times and increase the quality of call handling in parallel. There might be lots of differences even at the operator level, so track and analyze each call.

Increase in-call productivity


  • Software automatically detects in-call speech, music and void periods
  • An average call-center has about 30% nonproductive in-call period
  • It totals of 13.000 hours a year in a 100 seat call center
  • It is not just operator’s but also the customer’s valuable time

Business benefits

  • Reducing it would lower average call length and increase efficiency along with customer experience.
  • Understand and eliminate root causes of long calls (using unneccesary words, void and music, etc.).

Emotion analysis for improve customer experience


  • Measure emotions in each call
  • Differentiate between happy, neutral, uncertain, disappointed or displeased moods

Business benefits

  • Listen back most displeased calls and learn from them
  • Control operators not to take over strong emotions when serving customer
  • React immediately to most threatening calls in order to reduce legal and authority cases
  • Reveal best practices resulting in better customer handling
  • Set up customer experience index using qualitative call metrics. Track and improve it.

Keyword detection

Typical categories of keywords:

  • Required words (Good Morning!)
  • Forbidden words (vulgarity, expletives)
  • Critical words (eg. authority, contract cancellation, competitor)

Business benefits:

  • Detect any keyword on both customer and operator side
  • Automated categorization of each call by content
  • Spot critical keywords, protocol abuse
  • Determine on which topics are customers complaining the most
  • Reduce customer churn by spotting specific keywords (number portability, etc.)

Validated Return on Investment


ROI on average


Increased customer retention


More effective inbound sales

+50.000 EUR

Reduce authority issues by spotting critical calls

“The Xdroid analytics solution is a game-changer, an immensely powerful and cost-effective performance management tool. Available as a cloud or on-premise solution it gives both enterprise and SMB’s the ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence to refine and enhance their contact centre operations.” image description Steve Watts Global Sales Director - Avoira
Voiceanalytics testimonials

Case study

VoiceAnalytics is deployed at market leading companies in the fields of banking, insurance, energy and telecommunications. Xdroid’s customers have testified about the positive ROI they have experienced for their business as a result of using and adopting VoiceAnalytics.

Measure and reduce unnecessary music and silence periods during customer handling. Increase agent’s and overall call center effectiveness.


  • Increased call productivity by 4% by reduced silence and music periods
  • On average 20 sec lower call time
  • Over 2500 agent hours became available for handling other customers


Insurance company, 100 agents 4 weeks of lead-in time 50.000 calls per month analyzed


Identify customers who are willing to cancel the contract by using keyword and emotion detection. Start customer retention workflows at certain situations where the agent did not.


  • Successfully identified additional at-risk customers by 30,4%
  • More than 400.000 EUR revenue retained


Telecommunication, 200+ agents 8 weeks project lead-in 200.000+ calls per month analyze

Who we are?

Xdroid – Innovative Intelligent Informatics

Xdroid enables digital transformation in contact centers through voice- and text solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. By processing 100% of customer interactions, we automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable insights and information about each conversation. Our emotion analysis, keyword detection and semantic capabilities can reveal opportunities to improve customer experience, agent retention, productivity and compliance. Our innovative and competitive solutions help contact centers understand the customer journey and bring them closer to a 360-degree customer view.